Integral Design Construction has been serving in the construction industry for more than 20 years, providing high-quality, innovative steel stud framing and drywall within the Southern California region. We are experienced in a wide array of construction projects including those for health care, religious facilities, schools, restaurants, industrial and commercial buildings.

We are supported by a staff of several personnel who have been with the company since it's inception. Our combined experience allows us to excel in our ability to recognize discrepancies within project documents and jobsite conditions early in the process for quick resolution. This proactive approach to problem solving, combined with our in-shop construction allows us to succeed in providing our clients with the finished product they expect on schedule.

Our management team, along with our highly-trained work force, provides the highest-quality customer service and attention to detail guaranteeing the best possible outcome on every project. It is this dedication and commitment to quality that marks IDC as a leader in the construction industry.